Christ's Emancipation of Women in the New Testament

Lynne Hilton Wilson


Dr. Lynne Hilton Wilson lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband Dow. She is mother to seven children—all with red hair. Lynne received her master's degree in the New Testament, and a PhD in Theology and American Religious History at Marquette University. Previously an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University, Lynne is now the institute director and a teacher at the Stanford-Menlo Park Stake Latter-Day Saint Institute of Religion. Lynne has written three books and published several papers, and is a popular scholar and speaker.

“This book is engaging, informative, and very useful for helping people better understand Christ’s tender treatment of women. Understanding the culture in which Christ lived helps us recognize the significant ways in which Christ elevated the status of women.” –John Hilton III, Religious Education, Brigham Young University